Flirty - Cassie's mom tried to hook her up with a guy at a concert

Wednesday, May 10th


Cassie's mom is always on the look out for a man for her the guy she met at the concert interested?

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I here we go. It's a real clarity. What's the so Cassie tell us about this guy and how you met him. Didn't think OK so here. I went to the content with my mom recently and it seemed that absolute waste. I like you Wear my mom gets strong because the show or aircraft. And my mom is a really really nice find drug. And I have here mom. Passed mind can't allow my opinion needed and tinker flirting. And her home she is the fact that I am stating in single as a huge problem and we'll take any opportunities to find someone for me yeah. I check out at a stone bears thing so what did you Mondale. I'm really cute accurate sitting next sense at the concert. And that she thought it hurts you. So she decided to flirt with you on my behalf the entire time and it doesn't mortified. She pretty much of them everything around me her version of why I am still single. That I have killer legs my college EPA the promotion and just got to work hard to the fact that I'm looking into buying a home. I mean light. That lake everything about me. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Satellite tags can see it at. Any. Polling got a new car on the by Hollis our I have. We're tired I mean good. Should shells fly eggs and moms efforts paid off Friday. At the end of the night one of the day they'd give me his car. That I did that now I repeated that the ten LA to make mom happy or if he did actually pension plan and and then and Colmes that her rule. No you don't do it let's not Arafat will investigate. I get it like I Gailey now arranged this column out of the plant is like if he was just doing it for the mom. Being like actually mean to color trying to land cook. While Cassie we got to hold the crash and he agreed Kamal what that's all he notices some most connect with them doesn't know the story. But obviously. You'll remember because he was there. Are saying I just a single get a month. Hey Chris really connects here right now we can't see can't hear you there. I am wrong you remember her concert business and yeah absolutely absolutely and it mom please them we slurs yeah Wiki out there on her behalf. And as science and I sent that is perfectly fine every time I go visit my and my mom try to introduce me every single person that is. It is available and I totally understand. I've been. I've been in this situation many times. And that's share on Nash she gave up a metal Lantana. The bid doesn't look that I gave herself. That it asked Ellis said she did you for awhile all you Madden. Cassie told us that you gave her a business card at the end of the night and she was ashore life who was just sugar mama. Cut cut him is can usually work into shooting going out with Cassie so we thought we would ask you and she is you were adjusted. Absolutely I I figured I already. Know everything about her is that for us our first dates go I might as well. You know follow through and see if we have some kind of connection I mean now. You need from her mom. We have already. Got even a month I'll tell you yeah. Sean actually she talked me here our friend you know I was happier to listen. This is totally secondary really death is it's like all those questions like she said like where you are right affect things those are all that question you ask efforts state so Cassie are you tell your mommy gone now Kirsch. Yeah I think now I won't get an attic. And yeah. And I end and yeah. Awesome we really hear it turns out I journey.