Flirty - Jack a manager at an Italian restaurant wants to take out his customer!

Wednesday, April 26th


Jack took the to-go order of a frazled mom and wants to see if he can take her out for a glass of wine. 

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I it's done to give flirting where nobody making connections for jab and good morning yeah. I say they would go and I guess. Show you work at he restaurant in around Iraq right. Guys the manager and that we'll save Italian chain restaurant in in round rock he's. And you were answering the phones in what happened. Good to extort. There's sort of instead I was to open up lately is that it's in the phones and does this woman called and what that to go order it was kind of freaking out because more. Close to closing and she wanted to get the order an area. We got the we got the order fight. She showed up he was super track they'll play very attractive. Asian woman if she ever wrote. Her daughter went in the daughter was. Look to see spoke. It's happened. Those little hyper about SQL. You don't look a bit freaked out it probably should could be used to go out so why put who's monkey you entered the mosque. This. So what would I didn't you know just to be a good guy is right I threw him some free dessert and hopefully the maker day a bit better. Visitors to beat Colin I thought of asking her number but the timing wasn't right between different. They thought it was. And I've not even sure she's single but based on the order it was obviously just forever and her daughter. Now I know that you have a way of getting phone numbers and it whatnot that I've got the name since it was it to go order. I just you know. I don't wanna be a creepy guy has it been like that both the best we do have called that you could maybe reach out to her because first of all get I don't even though if you say go. Let me tell you what we did Jeff Weiner screened for years. Armada led prayers could have cut back just like TLC we will creek hooked effect and we have a service will weaken. Literally tried almost everybody so we fell some of the guy below. Leave. Is this girl she's been on hold the whole time all she does is it somebody wants to connect with her if you're ready Jack we'll get Iran. Jim he gets on the radio right now at 1% of with a couple of questions virtual do you have a daughter. Yeah why not that is has nothing do with her view. A couple of weeks ago in order to do oh and an Italian chain restaurant around Iraq. We don't cinnamon. Yes I did why. OK here we go it's good so I feel comforted George target there I girl we were contacted by Jack as a manager this restaurant. It was very taken aback by you and thought you were absolutely beautiful. I wanted to let you know the Jack is on the phone and he's the manager of day you talked to and he obviously. Felt enough about that interaction that he wanted to try to find GO. Well and hit it well. You can cut me off guard and I backed the. June Dario. It won't have to decide you know like I didn't I wanted to make sure that I had it. Didn't wanna like that I Europe private investigator to fight viewer group fight fight though my element audited all the radio station because that's what you think it was a a great credit to. So all stepped in and just say we do dais. Every week and so he just called us BK as he heard it before are a toxic on quite a bit off the air and he sounds genuinely make you were just per cent. Who caught his guy. In heating gear number and so he wanted to see if we can kind of you know bridged the gap and I mean I don't that it probably is overwhelming but it's a tennis exams are less cash and in order to. You're beautiful it is all things you don't let them. It never happens. Here's an area the first well are you single are you dating anybody. I actually am not. I'm that kind of you know working against her my daughter but. We were there is not why you're not single you're not dating anyone. I'm not dating anyway. Yeah thanks to now. Now the next partially being. Would you be interest at and meeting up when Jack for whatever coffee may be glass of wine no pressure whatever and taking this ring from him. I know roses still. I just isn't eating ice age and I admire hair or her now says teacher because you madam are a guy like online dating but. Better. Yeah I get a good feeling a lot of Koreans are so yes I'm not for it. And be back in the Italian restaurant her nose browns. Hello we have to go outside we got outside the workplace. At the the huge fine loved her plea to bring it down and say sorry. And they think the book and I've got your number doubt doing so I guess so because he's a. The history during its. Yeah.