Is it cool to name your child after your maiden name?

Thursday, April 13th


Booker, Alex and Sara discuss what their names could have been if they were named after their mother's maiden name!

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You weird name your child. Alger median name French is a great example that I have a friend that I knew pretty well we haven't spoke a long long time just because she's in. Have halfway across the country and right and her name I'll just put her name on blast it's crystal cost again right. That's her married name that's her maiden name last O'Costa username gather the news she married his Italian league for chock are out. So she just had a baby and I gotta tell you this baby is adorable. His name it's cost again burning as Chris took us again and right but she named the baby cost again. The first name of the baby is our last name yeah he's like a main army now that she's like you Acosta in right. That Harry Potter kicked her sounds silly it's well. Now this is is sending this have on my father my father's was named after his mother's. Mainland and the last name which is ready RED which is unique weird but it was buried his dad's. Yeah ready ready ardidi and it has mother's name was Lucy reading what is gold irony gala we don't need RED I guess it is always call mr. Frey out mostly -- never would have been doubted his name is Randy and like that gap. Like it actually absurd energy surges when we think about when you. I your mom and dad would you kinky your mileage out you will. Didn't go oh my god I don't wanna sing his alma on you. After all these years you know I've been darn I'm an almighty God's. I thank god and I'll pass and asleep right now so the answer well. Cents. Yeah. He's highlighted. The identity of my god look at the. Do you think your mom yelled I'm ready to move did or ask about it I'm. Not how this is disgusting I don't well god. Here are made a name in making your first nickel every you know if you. I'll cool I'll only do it doesn't work for me and I Canadian kid burner Osborn I mean we know people and our family name odd because of Osborn but I am also an actor. It'll hit odd Burnham and pollen Ozzie. I made a name a shock Santelli guy was going to be like shook. Sarah meals at all. I. Was bringing his Martins that would work perfect all. 0%.