Love Him or Leave Him - He always makes last minute plans

Thursday, March 16th

Jenny is dating a guy who is a chef and he NEVER makes plans. Should she love him or leave him?


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People are always George you would relationship advice show how much you chime in on this 15126435947. Protects love bump or leave on. 51993. Says comes from Jenny in south Austin says I've asked my girlfriends is questioned further opinion but now I want yours. Nellie guys for six months he's a shopper works crazy hours of sometimes it's hard to play an actual danger dumb I know he's on Sundays and Mondays I try to keep those days free. Usually on a Sunday or Monday we'll get a tax last minute this is something like hey how are you have dinner plans this weather has re craving Rahman. Prominent. In the beginning I think I was OK with the last man in by because I just wanted to seems a batting care how we ask me. Now six months hanging out and I'm wondering what's up is this normal is that my fault for not our. Asking more of him earlier should just be patient because he is a really stressful job or do adore and love them or leave them start with you Alex. Not being serious I mean you know what you re. Old Shu when a talented the end if I mean he's I mean she's obviously thinking that I wanna help around them no hope for the best. You now as I carried bracing for snow means is another symptom their clearly we always think of the worst case scenario is always you know but it's like it is it's really not that bad machines compare herself to her friends and their other symptoms significant others. And you know maybe she doesn't have that bad I mean it's not really. Elect. Give the due to break this time around like everyone's so hard and S man you ladies I. Unless she is down change he was a firefighter. And just text your last met on these days off we share the same thing. Well we need some time also means and I I you know I don't know. Alex Islam and the same level there's something here this is only say Ludlum. All right Sharon I. Girl leave him. I mean if you want to play this game friendly the next year in just you know. Dean the person any tech's last minute that's cool but I have my respect yourself. If you just met in it's only been a month I get it but it gala being quote hang it out for six months. I mean he is not putting you first in any way whatsoever you're an afterthought as my guys weren't on the senate six months so that's just what did you guys do now but we can expect more I mean it's not too hard I'm sorry I don't care who you are house stress cleared job as if you like somebody. You know auto wind today you can say I would really like to see you on Sunday. No you don't keep that window open and I like. Right out are you surprised sir as a female are you surprised by his conversation abandoned by her her scenario I don't. I differences he does Texas have all the time exactly that's how we are wired don't take it so personally. No dancing girls like except this I think all the time and sign accepting it is that you notice is how us man arsenal at times it really is well not all men and majority don't write me and move. Brad but you're silent on their elegance Aron I'm saying wow moments are saying leave them. Why no whenever I really like to girl I've made plans with period it was like the last minute meal like the last minute girls. Are the winds are like third or fourth on the list exactly. So it's I have nothing better the asks what are we don't have our priorities in order we do stuff last second then do you wanna be with a man doesn't his priorities in order. I don't mean what else is out there you have an option BC I mean if the option BC or. I think Jenny if they'll look for other options are insanely long I should leave them. As Lee O'Malley says hang in there what do you think techs love them or leave them the 51993. Love them or leave them she and talent Cedar Park forty thank. I think he she should but can have a conversation with them are they or worse that's why eight and I completely understand where he's coming on. But they all they're under in his first fact there have been demanding job that he act. So I have a conversation and say look I get your always busy. That you work a lie but I need to know that that I am a priority. All comes down communication. Jenny itself does a great call she lets check the tax at 51993. I love this some people are cleaner is other others are spontaneous. You have to decide which one you are and then find a partner in life you will respect that. But a lot of people are saying leave and he knows a schedule in advance and he can clean accordingly. 93%. Say leave hello wow south.