Love him or Leave him: Wacky t-shirt guy

Thursday, March 9th


During the week he is, "nice suit guy." On the weekends he is, "wacky t-shirt guy." Should she love him or leave him?

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Device organ and lean on you to help us out here 5126435947. Or text love Obama. Or leave arm them 51993. This goes from Abby who lives. Off bill. It comes from abbey lives in downtown Nazi she says hello everybody. I would love some advice from you and your listeners Semitic guy January's 35 and he is a lawyer. We met at the capitol were also work during the week he's a nice shoot guy meaning he's always dress nice for working for Tibet's. On the weekends he turns in to watch ET shirt guy oh boy he'll literally Wear shirts you find in a mall kiosk that an eighteen year old boy would Wear. Still weird to me how big guy you strolls the capital in his shoot. Also where a don't need the players sure with a videogame console on the shadows. Is there any lag Jolie Schaub wearing his waits before deeds shirt guy defending him or do I just need to leave them. He showed any trust we believe these. How leery shirts with my friends the other day and I died a little on the inside I what do I do show I love him or leave him. He did. He the guy just because he wears a lucky T shirts out. I mean this is walking like go find the thin line of trying to lighten your change in this guy's wardrobe roaming his money to Fridays and on point social style lovers are not song love that she felt. She was tractor ride right and then the weekend just goes of crap I mean oh boy she urine of all those but they had they need to be offended and then maybe it just doesn't work out. Luna zero Osborn alum brought it as I say love themselves. I think glove until late it kind of makes. That's tiniest they need just need to embrace that and just laugh but the fact that he is that guy he can be nice soup gagged. And then that's his token bay and Andy just embrace sit and you move I need bad there's one that I mean it's hard economy in an Austin, Texas OK so that's the worst thing about. Please put love up. My wife and I we hear about a relationship sailing like if it's drug involvement likes Mike act like I was looking and say see we're not. I had my little dumb habit of since he thought bought fancy baseball isn't bad like it could be worse absolutely like it could be worse that's lol gotta love them it's a T shirt. I mean every city in the country they all say it's tough to find a guy in New York City BL originally everybody says that but is it really. You can probably think less of me I am drug over the girl can I hate her shoes shots. I couldn't get over one pair Hershey Hershey I'll have the worst choose. And I know that makes me sound off full. Like a horrible person and it obviously I wasn't in love with her are what are probably overlooked issues but I choose your big deal to me and she had awful shoes I just couldn't take it here's my question you are wacky shirt guy often Booker. Well not lucky shirt guy that may be cool I'll insured I'd like now I show. Ever have you ever seen you. I paid the players surely weigh. Already he wore the and something bald is beautiful and I like on the Disney Niles on the cruise ship and I wore. Bald shall be an awesome you know that's the same thing that's wacky Asia. A very uncharacteristic you have a stranger things kids a little kid as a wacky. You know there and you packed a bag that you're going to Vegas one time and in your bag there was a turn up teacher to err I mean it. You right now the club might really and I we're allowed teachers my teachers are very that my teachers not teachers I don't really where teachers my shirts my button downs had a lot of personnel around yeah Booker as wacky teachers aren't. That's why but I'm surprised it dumped about how often do you see you T shirts. When he five to 40% of the tag and when we do clearly you know wacky isn't I. Now it's having like seller book here yeah. I let you wouldn't let me ask you this a Whiting U mass the girl might should tell the girl changed the early were dating one and you bring up about her shoes. France is why wouldn't this girl that bring up that the T shirts why did you bring it to the girl. I'm. I don't know I just felt like argument I didn't want a half you know that's what she's thinking oh well what I really think it means is she didn't like them acts that are national I and I think if she if she's like saying oh. The wacky shirts Airways then she doesn't like him that much and she should even consider likened it much. You know what Sarah's brother down I think we have in the room all three leave them. And I think I'll might well agreed that you see Lieberman as well. I believed him but not because there's anything holiday but yet because she's not. RI why waste time. Why it. Is overwhelming reason all year quarterly tax of 51993 if you can't relax and accept him you don't deserve him. Lot of the end it's it's time off that's not a good number reason to get rid of on May end. But oh. Look Kim is what's in the lead 67% of people's eleven can you. Yeah I'll listeners and leave them will we leave him because we just don't think she's ending double Alex and I don't think she's just into him enough you know I write I mean if you look. That his wardrobe. And you're like oh okay I'm on the fence as to whether or not I should stay with this guy. Think clearly you're probably not feeling that strong connection because if you really love someone it. You would overlook a lot of things add fluoride.