Sara is sad that her dog will not cuddle with her!

Wednesday, September 13th

Booker explains why it is good that Sara's dog does not join her in bed.


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Share is single and lonely and I'm not to look not speaking out of turn I think you'd agree with me with everything I'm saying here. Still I think she is leaning on her dog she had a little bit more than normal for some companionship specifically at night. Like just feeling like you my best friend stepped up. Right he's my best friend great you know step up even me in my life and he refuses to get on the captain that would mean and is starting her feelings. We're can you Leon the expectations of your. Black Labrador by the name of jacked so limited tiny one bedroom. Condo here right so where lake together all the time yes very close. And when I'm laying on my couch all day on a Sunday watching football and watching movies. I would assume like normal dog he would like to get up and just caught a little bit. You know nice warm body that's what most dogs do but my dog instead will. Ignored mean go get his stuffed animals place them. Perfectly on the floor and then cuddle with his step loaf is better meet. This is center animals around him yet. CLA gives the something to Kabul where yes he tunnels with his stuffed animal hamburger. Is stuffed animal fish. And something that looks like a dragon and he loves us then and he places them are literally in a circle around his body work and many titles. And I can say you know payday come on up and he just glad I ignores me now. Same thing with the bad Blake every once I'll you know I'll give them a bath in the Mike hey buddy can come up to mug bad this time. You know it's never nice little to be just nice have a warm body Medved nope you leave my room and sleep sit under through on his other bad. And let the dollar but I imagine it's not a good thing I have the dog in there like how it's like you're not giving edited in their all time with Ian well. I don't know again I'm not a dog owner but I know it's like kids I mean some people slash Olympics incidents on the day one and they still until late sixteen years old. Yeah I don't know anyone legend dog it's well trained enough to come to the Benjamin not immediately jump on the bad except for. Jack I want you don't get any judge could talk do you think you would be like luck Mott it's not you it's me and a couple. I MySpace. He loves his space so I guess are people out there like I jab that. Would you financial sleeping better though. I just love hearing him breathing okay I. Maybe it's like you should sleep with your dog but not in the bad and I'll explain okay according to a new study from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona people let their dogs in the room. At nighttime sleep batter. Because just you say you love. It gives them comfort him makes him feel secure. You feel secure when jet is in your room so hopefully he doesn't have. Have to be in your bags so maybe you couldn't organize. Better for it he shouldn't be in your panel explains Saget. But maybe you should organize like a little area on the floor. Reject can sleep next field but not on your back zero help. Mean not only is the dog helping the person in the bed but the person events up to the dogs sleep well your helping each other I'll make sense is like breathing so that's like gears spinning session you want like gut that's a better spring session. Exactly because if you let jets sleep on your bad and you wind up sleeping worse even eat in your fracture mattress match reply. I don't actually that's well. He gets to the people the Mayo Clinic in Arizona they just broken down it's said that dogs sleep guerrilla night. Sleep batter hey as long as you're not in the bed with them. What imagine also he had the dogging your bed like dogs I'm sure move around and you'd be disturbed in need during your sleep. Again like since the stakes in with a person. At this yeah whenever you have a significant other some of the that was viewed Seton would think about how he Weasley would damp spending felony traveler you go out of tenure in a bed in hotel alone. Where he had amassed sleep when your alone in the hotel. And the battle I'm sure I mean the thing would be the same thing with a draw right. I know but I feeling he she consider my feelings and when I politely asked not to my bed he should say yeah everywhere and so I'm here we are. That's more like these talent. Yeah. Well I'll have to answer.