Sara on the Street - What celebrity would you invite to prom?

Friday, April 14th


The "new thing" is celebrity Sara asked people in Austin who they would invite to prom!

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The new thing is to invite Amos people tear prod to try to get them to come so if you were going to send an invite out to somebody famous for a crime. Right now who would you invite. Matthew nick on the head because that's realistic season touted name ice but he's just sexy asked that they have Jared let them. Which he went into goes character. And a Syrians. He's so pretty. Happy he's a pretty knees weird now like just of court lit it. What would you talk about how sexy. No would you want it they're really get to kiss it then. And maybe one are much. Out hypothetically speaking you didn't go to Iran but you can invite anybody. And they're gonna say yes because you're asking a case would you take Deborah. Crazy bald Britney Spears. Okay that's why I like this I like you're going but why. Simply had a good time I thought about how the metal making insisting that you'll never forget would you wanna get to the bottom of why she shaved her head now. To deeper the dive did you take to trump eats guard Joseph start Johansson are always nice. What how would you how did you get her attention since. Being on his radio show is as is happening and dad knows who buy here there I know she's never gonna hit it as. You have to be creative alligator attention yet to file any luck Loni love will be to make here. In thanks and kind danger getting his impending danger I savored. Like a stock status you know. I don't think your case anyway so who would you indicted when you're in has gone. When I was in high school. The singer Jo zone I had a crush on don't focusing his boots of innocents Q tip that they have rules and she was cute and I like your. Like scene when it did assigns. I inherit. In up. In. Just they they do we treat me right it's who was just always that thing.