THIS is the sweetest wedding proposal EVER

Friday, February 17th

Teachers never admit to hooking up with other teachers in the same school EXCEPT this one time!


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This is pretty cool and we're continuing to get in nine things that happen over Valentine's they're around the country in many good things to a degree happy story yesterday about this did the high school student who. Blog to roses for every single person in his school seven. I don't know element I think in ninety bucks a pop and has been a lot of money crazy. And there was a another story that we love that we can only to share it to you because we're league big fans a teacher's right obviously teachers hardest job in the world. No doubt and so underpaid I would pay them so having currently largest definitely underpaid under appreciate affluent. This is pretty cool because. You know like when your school you can kind of get pretty good intuition when you think to lose your teachers are indeed being total to act. Well there isn't one teacher whether any of Jason's size hurt he's 39. And there's another teacher named Alley barker she's 28. To miss Parker ms. barker and mr. cipher. And there was some speculation. Amongst the kids that. They were dating right he decides teacher she's a fifth grade math teacher at the exact same school and a lot of the kids are like you know and you guys are gay right easily sell the deal like more balls he kids and be like I heard you miss Parker or dating and he was he really heard that I had heard that our candidate addresses lamp to address an hour. Well finally they did it. By. It was more than just saying yes we are gaining checked this out this is there really early Guidant kids' weight courier. That is Margaret and I are big so it's about time that we address the tonight a couple kids come up here recess today and then close off the yeah. We are very. More than. A little bit more in the I am completely in love labor. Love that girl about should this is. Moment of them have signaled that pattern here died it was like and I'm no attention to senator Chris and I use. Eerie got the sewer really it's. Would like he's following this is why I. Do it that way she like kind of an up and romantic way to proposed by he said let's figured that we met because the school we became friends because that's cool because they were just BF after I they were like best friends and then they started dating and day he said we fell because that school also made sense of teachers on our team you know you've come so close. We became a family there. I didn't want to those teachers to know about the proposal either I spoke to my principal to make sure that he thought it was appropriate to do it and he was gone for itself. I hope it didn't hurt should white hair gray hair at college so I mean Charlotte's. Outlays are under all right she's 28. Years old she's not and no he's not when I first saw the picture of the two of them. I was late there's no way that this girl's 28 years old English it was 39 he's 39 she's 28 he looks young. I can't believe she's 29 years. It's a bad don't know she's 280. I don't know about visual I'm Amanda and she looks like she's I don't know what it I hate to see now know what the deal that we should usually younger in the video but most city TV text. Featured a 51993. Nelson you learn about things until. But she's a fifty brushes twelve. Doesn't look all der. It's we who really really weird it is she's got a five year old kid from a previous relationship he has two kids there remember. He is 39 but he's got a fifteen in a nineteen year old he was in the work early hour yeah no doubt news anyway they're excited the Phillies and we come wind at the wedding. This fall so. Check out this teacher who looks okay maybe this is just what happens when you know you're around kids all day long. Yet you make sure I know I mean you're underpaid Jimmy had the hardest job in the world I mean you isn't passes say it's like.