Talk Flirty to Me: The Princess Party

Wednesday, September 13th

Joel wants to meet the girl that played Belle at a kids birthday party he went to a few weeks back. 


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So yeah. We're gonna keep him. Morning's faith yet. Awesome and you came on the right people actually. Your daughter's birthday party was another girls perjured and a better actually he had sorry it's less creepy yeah baby yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah I really. I got sticky and hired her and totally her and then after rabbis super creepy but the fact that he is went to have party and saw her last three beats it you'll give us the details here. Well I'm the mean that's pretty much in my daughter's three and I think going to actually quite a few. These these little birthday parties in this look at pre existing one when I saw this girl the princess. I don't shoot for a taking. Well she is a prince says she supposed to being. I know with this look like the eye contact and beat her nose blown away I don't know what printer that was. But my daughter has the info on that it now. So winners she was wearing a yellow dress. Yeah long Burnett aired just. Gorgeous and I couldn't talk to work as you know are these other moderates. Are in. This is true Russia settling their twenties and help you sort of sat. Our day hour to talk to are so bad and there's been happy I think it could roll up on the front. Now. Yeah that would be three feet has been leaked the moms to be dirty looks to do now would be creepy I thought I thought doctors say I mean these new well. And that is a good pick a black and with them. I have a. Jolie other thing audit initiatives you have good. Mad that this does lead kinda weird huge trying to connect with the princess there was at a party your daughter was that. Yeah I ignore you mean the out. The singer's life I might what if you only single bad within a large circle of people and I just really have no way of meeting anybody. Yeah and that's embarrassing but. I just thought it was and I contacted us it was a certain amount of flirtation. That I couldn't respond to bed. So will not thought about it there's been two weeks that might keep thinking like I'm and I should have talked to Russia went up there and you know expressed some thing back. That's what you their government. He's been watching beauties on Netflix for like the snake sitting there I'll go to federal and. I. Get a lot that are at work actually yeah. Well was the tricky how he tracked down to hell we had you contact the person that held the party you've got this contact information her name is stare and if you're ready wool getter on. The case came back. It chair. Okay I'm connecting you right now your on the radio Booker Alex is shared and Jolie's on the fund you and I'll explain you ready. We do a segment called talk flirting demean and while we hope to do is a hook up people that had some sort of connection or interaction in and they were able to get their info or they just need our help tracking them down itself that's will we get shoals maybe was just behind. I there. Are no closer. Joseph has three year old daughter that was at a Virtue Party the you're very Schilling and he said that he felt that there was a nice connection with you and that you were absolutely breathtaking were the words he used it. And he wanted to charge you but felt it was just a little. Weird for him to do shell at the party got a little higher Rajon. Yeah yeah. I mean I don't know if you are if you remember I was wearing her from a picnic patter on my certainly made a joke about that I could get on all fours and people could put on Germany. It was something like that and then we had a nice little laugh this. And then I kinda didn't really talks Hugo Weaver looking at each other quite a bit okay you there's like two weeks ago. I remember the party I is kind of my job is to look at every line and to interact and everyone's felt like I can't says. Remember you specifically diet but it it's very sweet that. And he'd be up. So you're dating situation has pled Jolie certainly injures Sid and getting to know you a little bit better he wasn't obese snowed on in our although. That's not all the case I did not capitalize on but are these be released now pageant so our ballot so chair if you're as you said we would love to connect you two may refer cup of coffee or just even to talk on the phone. Yeah interest in. If I'm actually I am very excited it's basically just sit. Not the first time that this happened. You have a boyfriend you have a boyfriend. No I do not. You oops just eating deer and yeah no I'm Geraldine. Yeah I'm not I'm not really into that exit ticket. And it kind of weird you chime in on someone you met at the children's party was playing a princess but just. Seems a little strange to me. Well I did bad. Ask joy all that question as to whether or not he thought it was weird and that maybe you'd think it's weird but he said these single dad and is in the small group of people in those early how much an up Cheney did date people show. I actually think that they I completely understand that the captains with some frequency so I. All time. Our ads and are you serious. Yeah I mean I'm going well your child's birthday at the you know she would that little girl was very simple little strange. Yeah I guess I was the only technically the only bat that was that was I have to party and yeah you remember. I did and I don't think yeah yeah Australia I I think Terry is made of the early clear that no matter who you are right she was an interest in Indian summer machine that has found but maybe that's just terror it is generally prince's friends. There's like yeah I.