Waiting by the Phone: He had a million red flags

Monday, March 20th

Seth wants to know why Chloe is not calling him back!!!


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Winning mad. I well they're there at the time. I shed his way to whether found her girl then he has gone now with several times are Chloe. Yeah we giggled out about a month now. Okay and it seems like it's been going well among this more than just a couple of days. Yeah I did really we got to do a few dinners and Brooke are gone to some out there and there's no election will you used it to my phone call it that actually when I called Arab parliament and attacks then you would be in the chewed eager to go out another steady head and I just don't know what happened now read this about a week and I've been trying to reach out to urgent that the club that I don't know what went wrong. This kind of a weird situation because normally we hear after the first Gator after the second game but a month of dating a trailing than usual for them to just disappear I think. I'm curious issue what happened may be some guy from the past. Not. It's. Loans you know Wyatt at at this I didn't. Maybe something else we'll find out won't call Chloe are now okay you ready. I lows is close. Yeah I spoke Alex share with the mixed and for sure calling fours and would you call waiting by the phone we have this couple questions will ask you agents are different which other radio. Oh we usually on a show called waiting by the phone is for people who have been dating somebody and they have kind of disappeared and usually it's like game after Gator Q but we're really edged in helping out shout because he says you guys have been dating for him. And he hasn't heard from he recently so we got we call you and she whats up are you willing to talk. Aaron and RA. Has any. Thank you act. Idiotic it is that you really need it. Slow build of red flag there of the new one every time we went out. Yet you know. We met at the domain. Fred the first eight and later I found out that the only reason that means that there would be kid he had Q by a different this year and you restraint and it killed two birds with one town is thinking I wanted. Here and that's when we. Show if you are cute enough he was an easy excuse of he had him by his sister a gift. Exactly so we would just kick quick copied that if I let you that in. We would have gotten drinks and some not so at least yeah. Told. At a weight or I could I would any at. Ease your multiple red flags were some of the other GE's. Yeah he talked about his Audi R&R. Date late late Jim banks like I mean I can tell you how much it costs. The constant color that he got cut and feed and like on a I don't care about card that aren't they you know as they can I bring out that I don't care about and then. This I think his picture of mind is totally different and he looks at present lights on at its picture of my old hat hair and he doesn't really how air. In Paris and. Both wrong ball to. 'cause I bunkers ready is also not lose my head right now but if you're gonna have praising yourself online you I would think yourself and it kick serve high you are now absolutely. Is there more. He's known to learn more and it'll. This is actually lat really like I mean he really saying and we went back Eddie needs or dinner and then as south a couple of south. And like obviously it was crowded and a crime happened or run and you need to overreact and handling it wasn't a big BI and slipped out honor like that but how dare you write and our hurry need structure you're going to enraged over and I just kept saying it not I think you know like I can. Gillick and complicated and Egypt like would let it it would really should accept it and act I'm OK with me. Are we think about this at. I've been without them. I didn't change issue and all of these old Matt even more outs and then Eric. With no problem and it's now my hope all of you know I was there and then all of a sudden and should that cut at all of them. I understand Shas confusion because you are really all of these things going through your mind why would you keep this going and especially coming over Jewish house for dinner because at least from my experience. A woman coming order means house for dinner tends to lead to some some some some some. Act a lot of attention and yeah it's all battle. We get and that is saying that I like a lot and he was really. So I learned things not being. Okay well again I'm you likely tell. He is. Oh lob on a month isn't out loud I got a note that diet over the quite an aunt and decided that we weren't compatible. I understand but there's some women that would be light red flag line and Wear a flag to die you know and I mean all three strike thing the airline you have five strikes. But I guess I kinda understand your point shed the maybe you should take elicit some of the things that Chloe said because it could help ya on the future and Khloe is it safe to say that you're not interest in going out with Seth and another day. Yeah how we are not get street others. Now. I'm really sorry about that we do appreciate you being honest Chloe sat thanks for reaching out usually she gets me answers. Yeah I just wish you the mature enough that our committee during our first couple days and I could have probably change. Look at Britain want to blame it on patent very non they sent us here about the test and collar riady. The.