Would you rather have a 4 day work week or flexible hours?

Wednesday, April 19th

We go around the room and discuss which work situation would be best and why!


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I'm rich of the earlier this week that that was really interesting to ask your question would you rather have flexible work hours or afford day workweek now obviously this would not affect Dyson and since we have. Well very flexible or shall. Ask apple let's pretend we do live eight to five money the Friday carrying let's pretend for a moment we have a real job blank. Most people we all have friends ex significant others or people to do so let's put our place is now with them. Because they show Americans don't take vacation days it's just not how we were all right but what we would like to be able to do is to go to our kids' soccer games or nurse she Tuesday morning hang over once or allow. Lash out at a world that. All right well a new survey asked people which of these work options they would like the most being able to work from home of having flexible start in times for the day or having a four day workweek. With longer day so. Why she happened yet you're forty hours then that whole weekly hours he'd start to work the same amount of time Dan but you're much more flexible and we knew. Rule and it can't all are you just have four days to squeeze all got here's what Americans had 37%. Of people said they want flexible start and end times I don't know that when a gas that working from home and a four day work week tied with 26% of the votes share what would you prick I would you afford a work week and a minute because there's some about having three days off in a row where you just feel so refreshed. You working ten hour days to get the forty hours and yeah you race that I'm ready for it a day but there was G Tate hello. The forty workweek is not a show and or murmur my mom have of those three day weekends every so often show that was cool but I Porsche so accustomed to working five days a week. That just the flexible work hours specialty of family knew that would probably be that we are ago. You Alex. I would use a flexible hours cat like the five days we the flexible and avoided traffic and Austin white altogether and does that yeah kills getting to work yeah I'm getting home it's adding two or three more hours depending on where so and I can go and where I get ten or eleven and then leave like at seven or eight and then I'm missing a Stanley Sabina whenever I mean it was just.