You HAVE to listen to this story: How Alex's cousin-in-law discovered he had a child

Friday, April 14th


This is a very powerful story about sacrifice, love, and forgiveness. Alex just heard this story about his cousin-in-law and Henry was gracious enough to share it with us. 

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When Alex first malicious story about his cousin in law or his wife's cousin I guess that. And and and how he reunited with a kid he never even knew he had. Yeah actually got them done little third two of them might bad for the thumb. You know Phoenix. It is so hot there over the summertime most nights we went out to the pool and the girl walks into the pool. And I know she's older than me and I notion that Miley. Google. I'm swimming there are underwater and I noticed you Johnson and what caught my attention of that before any garden directing and she has opened up for in underwater and long term under water she turned it looks to me and you smile. And I'm Vick in now. Not mean we spent the rest of the summer together. Does your summer slaying summer Lyles yet a rumor rumor love. Oh that's exactly what of what a weasel out of fourteen years old and it turned you would actually just sixteen. And paying. The American older woman you know main. So you'll pay you way back home after this low slayings and that was it. You know Vietnam mean things were different back and I were talking 1980. Their personal trait blow. Load there was little hundred. I mean even can't think the state would long distance and I vote went back El Paso and started my freshman year of lodging and a. So you. On with your life fast for word many many years you decided the you're gonna shut up for Ancestry.Com. Right and this is where things take that crazy turn. I've stolen attitude account if you you know where I tend. Culled from. Will every know and then you get an update about this. Third or fourth 'cause it and then you're related to organ or something of that nature will this is a message and open them up. And pretty straightforward it they like that good DNA test and it's because you're my father. Wow. All. Over thirty years later. In my head I'm clicking right click send junk mail yeah. It doesn't. I was down a job is good guide future moment there. So look sure sure he found out that he is your show and any came from that fleeing in Phoenix and demo. Mother gave him up for adoption. Yes yes she did you get the look production to her aunt and uncle game but in what he actually was very surprised that you build who was my birth moment. And so that's when it hits the whole thing never told him that he was adopted and the thing is throughout the years they have actually made it. But that was his cousin. Hello. Little longer I really. Classes hasn't really mom gets here. Yes they then let the you have to imagine it killed her to see him and not tell him. Then you know I'm your mother and it was tough for her. Show we're trying to Henry who is Alex's whites 'cause inch Telus is crazy story about and fling he had when he was fourteen with a girl in Phoenix is visiting his dad came back to Texas and years later fairly recently he discovered her Ancestry.Com. That he is the father of this boy so when he has issue who his mother was. Did you tell. I said you better ask your parents. Who that it is. And what he told me is does hurt Maine begin which. That's turning. It and so unlike. Yeah. Now owns and he says in a way that I know I know who would have trouble with an appealing. And see all the kind of fielding. Miscue was adopted as well and little of the top bird that was the final clue. Would that all full submitted to DNA could result said the something like 20%. Native American. And his mother is Korean from Korea is that it dangle goodies like what it just looks. Oh. You yeah yeah yeah I mean she'll. Much more than we wanna know have you talked to L have you met your son is already answered all those questions this amazing story continues next amidst 947. Perry is the cousin of Alex's wife injury and he's been on with this sharing this unbelievable story of eight summer romance he had in Arizona thirty years ago with this girl thirty years later to this weird twist of fate he gets a match running Ancestry.Com at find out that he is a father so he connects with this cited Michael Anthony Michael Anthony says he luck I've always had this weird feeling that this woman I've been told all my life was my closet is actually my biological mom and that my parents we're not really my biological parents and I was adopted. So what happened that similar begin talking and we're exchanging information we're catching our. And of course my question news twelve though that you know Vinci sure Mulder where she you know I get ahold of her because our. You know I haven't actually seen her a couple years she's in the military Eagles but I think way why is FaceBook turnovers blown if I give you. For information don't tell her that you and I are talking because. I was musical my parents here but I know that the true. Oh my business. Crazy. It's in my mind I'm thinking man I'd my. Loan that you and I talking not connected but I also really want a good deal to give me your permissions since her message. They remember me and I attacked a picture. Of books that we took back in ninety minute fun. Men how could I not the hand and I should note that triggered yeah. You Lou wouldn't let them not over American electric chair older richer and in the it would only link massacre. Mr. respond to me of course everybody critique the sampled her or not begin talking in darkest point she doesn't know there are no. About Michael Anthony and she didn't vote Democrat you know about her. And socially insecure only her story you know her her luncheon and how she has really suffered throughout the years not being able to tell him in the the muted hardships and I'm dongle and I'll listen to clear the truth that you know oh. You know public school meant so much political outlook on the until my parents August 29 Michael will look. When you do you let me know and cultural outlook the same day because if she finds out that I've been to you for several weeks. And I haven't pulled her comedians who struggled with the coordinate this will boost of Sunday August 22. I get our text message. And it's it's a gimmick I just drop Obama understood it. We'll look at oh man that you told them early. Then at the plant sudden. And I'm thinking oh my goodness there about the cult solar right now. To shoot even though it you know I haven't folder and the less so the political will get all of out of surprise for you but I didn't tell you to honestly night. The woman murdered though I wouldn't tell you a little and I just couldn't connect Obama blip. Would likely second passenger technological like Taylor remember that surprised actually you will. Monday Germany. Michael Anthony notes have been talked to known and he knows you're his mother. Ring my phone rings the second later in the first word to our promo tour does he hate me. Don't know might well. Oh you know. And so I told her in the woods he's confident he's actually very mature about the entire thing. Exactly and spoke on the phone and they have their time together and a glimpse into what had their electorates living out of state and shoot the moon back. Just instant and that's where I live. Com event so we wow. She mood burned down here in the air force and he's stationed in Dover Delaware and he was going to be going to Mississippi for some training. And so little we still want to we'll meet in New Orleans. Oh come down and we meet a data calendar itself was just. Is she still it is getting easier remember. Oh yeah. Believe me she looked very didn't. We underline the bullish came down at a Tuesday you know I wish I weren't so. Back at the Harris poll that's at Sarah Henry walk us through and tells what it's like to see your sense for the first time. To really get their dearly like I get a Roman always remember hotel room. For him to not cried and we're anxious we're. Our scientists can't even imagine we're. Weighing in and around. Not enough not to lie all the door and forcing a futile blue lines and a little bit about he condemn him I would have been used to feel real. You don't spend the rest and they just walked in the French Quarter and getting to know each other. It was a little amazing feeling that I knew that the most of my life was changed forever. That's really amazing so what has happened since then. Since then they're actually stationed him in San Antonio. But we'll be moving there shortly. Yeah I'm living in Houston and all of non existent ever since you've been there we've been together. We wondered eighty. Yeah Clinton and play together together. Yeah it's funny eaten we knew each other as here at the mall. Moments we begin talking. It was as if we had never stop all his father and grandfather. Well Henry thank you so much for sharing that unbelievable. Story with us we wish you nothing but the bats and left as left and you show Michael Anthony. Well thank you very much. It was so great for.