Zima is BACK!!!

Wednesday, June 14th

Alex brought in Zima this morning for Sara to try for the very first time. 


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That's pretty funny shirt or Texas they're from a friend busted out colleagues frank. Oh yeah I hear guys tip things number one and we need when you free to come to have dinner at our house super casual we can grill out early afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. Number CO. I'd just Alex sitting ATP which wasn't a big deal. But what he was buying was too accident GMAC which I didn't know still existed in a year's supply this seat today. Hot hot hot hot. Add edit every. He's hilarious because it's true Alex winter EGD Dubai Z amount and sushi now. All line thrill let's hold off on the Veba for quick shack yeah. I have never known anybody that buys grocery stores sushi not that there's anything wrong with it. Just now my jam rightly I passed by it every dollar of the growth historic and it looks like it's a guy that will donate one actually buys it they exit browns wrapped up. No word sue and most importantly the zeal. Law Jason Xena was released that Xena the drink like the malt beverage sit juicy looking thing that was popular in the late nineties and early two thousands. And that was my jam when I remember being on sixth street. And it was like dollar beer at the library the aquarium in 2000 wanted to doesn't do. And all my friends are drinking beer and I didn't like deer yes I do like deer and lightly beer tasted so I was always ordering Xena was and eight and beyond this Xena gave me a buzz faster than like the 2.5 whatever percent out Collins and like the blood lights up my friends drink it's so I acquired a taste of liking Xena so when Xena went away I was kind of sad. Larry it was coming back in yesterday came back and I was all over Austin's trying to find Xena and my last stop near my house. I stopped in an ignorant and JGB nice Ozzie and I grabbed Bonser Obama. And I'm like what goes good where they like us and I see this these couple people making sushi and my god it's incision in the woods and I want let's I got a year's worth at four containers I couldn't. And Altria lag isn't and my wife but I mean I I don't know if I would like when you hide she'd go sprinkled dust in the SEC but that's Dziena. As seamless legit I'll. Okay what is indymac I thought it was like a light beer for chick isn't it that's exactly what it is. Yeah at Casey not here and I brought in for Sarah by the way here don't have a twelve pack Emmitt Thomas ADR growth quake. I have eleven million seraph. IPod did open last night I took a sip and I will tell you when I took my first sit in Sydney bats and on and on those days between me at the 62000 deals and Dan. Skin and now shared back in the day the girls who would drink his semen which is what they were the girls that would during brow -- drink yet I know I'd let me let me. Tell you a little story that Irish yesterday. I they would drop Jolly Ranchers in as the in my now is like the add my my girl Millie and instead to drug scandals as well to get a shirt chillier this. He offered an alternative to the then successful wine cooler category remember wine coolers act. And it became very popular course spent fifteen million dollars marketing semen its first year persuading nearly half of America alcohol drinkers to try it. He must peak was 1994. Were one point two barrels of the beverage were sold a literally popular among young women. Core has made its first attempt at attracting young men in the brand. And aware not a big and that's why I thought why are looming on Sarah let's try this way and let me let me read this one more thing Alex before you get on hockey. In describing the long slow torturous death does seem right or bring in Carter cited seamless procedure reputation as Dayton girlie man beverage and its persistent charity Miley nineteen Yost. David Letterman. Well they're in rich bottle is it's gonna look at a bottle of accident I isn't good. Call zero and give those odds got Kate before he tasted the death. Don't think it's going to be bad but the but he my thing is I was not a Jolly Ranchers cattle dogs I like the centers he flared. Go ahead take a step back to the aquarium and I just take this have to listen to enjoy it. It's not be honest it does not a taste like despray data. No they go belly to heavy spray gas that's alcohol and then there's like this slate little tinge of a light beer taste in their 20 yeah you know what your reactions we've learned in my wife's yesterday my wife dismay that efficiencies that out now that's I don't talk 'cause like wall finish some. Not so we dealer said all along the panel what you go bad day Alexander. Similar and I think it says I just tastefully drunk pilots. Yeah. Yeah I mean yeah guys. I managers did Zeum laden is back. Odds for a limited time always a good step but Angela Kelly.