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"September 11th Tribute"
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09/02/2011 5:59PM
September 11th tribute
JB & Sandy want to know what you were doing when the tragedy struck?
09/08/2011 3:56PM
Local 9/11 song
There's a local artist, Kristine Alpert who wrote a song in memory of 9/11. Could you please play it? Kristine Alpert - Day Two (9/11)
09/09/2011 9:24AM
Paralyzed with fear
I was driving to work at a company that makes electronic voting machines and prints ballots. I sat in the parking lot listen to Mix with goose bumps and scared to death...a million things going throuh my mind...would Austin be next, would my company be next cause it's such a democratic representation that foreigners despise.... work was shut down but we were all there watching the news coverage....I spent the majority of the day trying to contact my aunt who was a flight attendant for American for transcontinental flights....specifically from CA to NY. She had switched schedules days before and was not on that flight. My life has forever changed since then and I no longer wait to tell people I love them or happy birthday!
09/09/2011 11:20AM
Leann J
: "I was at work 8 months pregnant that day. Later they escorted one of my co workers home because her brother in law was the co-pilot on Flight 93. I'll never forget her blank stare at the TV at work before getting the news."
09/09/2011 11:28AM
Diana M
"I was driving from Austin to San Antonio to do a training class and was listening to you guys on the radio. I heard the second plane hit as I was driving and almost had to pull over. All I wanted to do was turn around and go home to be with my husband who was taking care of our 2 yr old daughter and 7 month old son. I didn't get to go home until 4pm, needless to say no training took place that day. No one could concentrate and more important things were taking place. The best part of that day was driving home and seeing all the American flags displayed on the overpasses, on cars and at businesses they were everywhere! I was never more proud to be an American. I will never forget that day as long as I live."
09/09/2011 11:29AM
Claudia V
"I've been crying all morning. As a military member its hard to explain to my son why I'm gone so much, and sometimes its hard to explain to myself, but your show today summed it all up. I was at my high school in San Antonio when I heard the news."
09/09/2011 11:30AM
JB and Sandy, I had to write this here, because I couldn't call without crying. My 9/11 story: I was living in Pflugerville at the time, I was stuck in front of Capital Plaza on I-35 heading dowmtown to work. I had just found out I was pregnant and all I wanted to do was to get to work and NOT BE ALONE with the scary feelings and anxiety. My heart was breaking for Bess. I got to work (UT) and nobody knew what was happening! I walked in and everything was business as usual... I started saying "turn on the radio!" It was so scary and then the rumors started flying that Texas was a target because of Bush. That's it. Just as the other woman said, I am forever connected to you guys.
09/09/2011 12:48PM
I was at home that day and was watching Good Morning America. I watched in horror as the second plane hit the tower. I called some friends to tell them what happened. I can not describe the sadness, fear and terror as the tower collasped. My heart goes to the families of the victims. And the many who were forever affected by this tragedy by living in New York and by watching on tv. We are all forever changed as Americans. God bless America.
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