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5 AMAZING reasons to check out Austin Film Festival

1. Jenji Kohan: The woman who created 'Orange is the New Black' is coming!!!!  

Jenji Kohan is who you have to thank for 'Orange is the New Black.' I think I consumed that show in 2 days of binge watching. I want to know where she came up with all those crazy characters!

Click here for more info.

PS...she also created Weeds. I know. Amazing. 


2. Vince Gilligan is talking Breaking Bad. 

This is EPIC. There are at least 5 opportunites this weekend to get in a room with the man of the moment Vince Gilligan. 

Here are two:

A Conversation with Vince Gilligan: You know he was also a writer on The 'X Files' right?

Vince Gilligan Breaking Bad (The Alpha & the Omega) - Mr. Gilligan will discuss Walter White's transformation. #HellYes


3. Susan Sarandon is coming!!

 Is it creepy to say out loud that I just want to see her in real life? Confession: I think my favorite Susan Sarandon movie is, 'Stepmom' and I am only kind of ashamed to say that outloud. 

Susan Sarandon presents: Romance & Cigarettes


4. Callie Khouri: The woman behind THELMA AND LOUISE, and the tv show 'Nashville' is coming!

Callie Khouri is also behind, 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood' and 'Something to Talk About.'
Let's be honest: Nashville is an addicting show that is on my DVR every week.

A Conversation with Callie Khouri 

5. Will Ferrell is coming!

Why is Will Ferrell coming?
Will will be part of a live reading of a movie script by 'Breaking Bad' Creator Vince Gilligan.

Vince Gilligan Presents: A Special Stage Script Reading of 2 FACE

5 1/2. Leslie Dixon: The woman behind OVERBOARD AND MRS. DOUBTFIRE is coming! 

She also wrote, LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW which makes me very happy.

A conversation with Leslie Dixon

If you are interested in AFF 2013...you can still buy a ticket!
Click here for AFF's Website!

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10/23/2013 9:39PM
5 AMAZING reasons to check out Austin Film Festival
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