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Austin Live & Local

MIX 94.7 has something new for you - "Austin Live & Local," a weekly segment that showcases different local talent each week hosted by Austin After Dark's Patrick Davis. Patrick will introduce you to some of the best live local musicians in the Austin area.

Patrick started Austin After Dark in 2010 with the belief that Austinites would support local musicians even more if it was easier to find out where local artists and bands are playing. Now it's easier, with "Austin Live & Local" on MIX 94.7!

Patrick says, "It's a great chance to showcase some of Austin's finest to a new audience. Being on MIX 94.7 lets us feature the future hitmakers of Austin along with established hitmakers of today."

Local talent, who would like to be featured, can submit music for MIX 94.7 presents "Austin Live & Local."

Send CDs:
MIX 94.7 Studios
c/o Patrick Davis
4301 Westbank Dr. Escalade B, 3rd Floor
Austin, Texas 78746

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Jay Styles, Bob Khosravi & Cosmic Wolf


Jay Styles - New York born, southern adopted… I have lived all over from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands. I am tall, I love food, Bon Jovi, and all animals.

Bob Khosravi - Bob Khosravi was born a baby, which his mother appreciated. After years of experimentation he perfected blending his foreign last name with a really American first name.

An absurd storyteller hailing from Austin, Texas, Bob has been a featured performer in the Art Outside festival, alongside Moshe Kasher and Shane Mauss, as well as the MoonTower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX. Having hosted and featured at Cap City Comedy Club and headlined the infamous Velveeta Room, Bob has solidified his place in the local comedy community as well as on the road. Khosravi's comedy has been described as bright and engaging with a subtle sense of darkness.

Cosmic Wolf - COSMIC WOLF is THE new rock/alternative band that will be erupting it's way onto the music scene!

The band was formed in May 2012 by singer/guitarist Yayo Sanchez and guitarist/singer Chris Iorio (Adelita's Way co-founder). Soon after the band's formation, drummer Chris Copeland and bassist Jarrett Smith came in to complete the band's dynamic lineup.

They have combined signature blazing guitar riffs, thunderous drums, pulsing bass lines, along with massive soaring choruses that already have people around the world saying they can see the Cosmic Wolf playing their local arena! Don't be fooled!! Cosmic Wolf is not just your typical rock band. Not only is their sound explosive, their songs possess the ever needed ability to cross-over into other genres and formats.


Jay Styles - mix947.com

Bob Khosravi - Bob's Twitter

Cosmic Wolf - Cosmic Wolf's Facebook

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