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MIX 94.7 is proud to present 'FITZ & THE TANTRUMS' at ACL LIve at The Moody Theater on Thursday, December 12. Tickets go on sale Friday, November 8th at 10am. Tickets are only $25!  Grab this HUGE DEAL before they sell out!

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A longtime studio engineer and aspiring musician, Fitz founded Fitz & The Tantrums in 2008, driven simply by “a need to be creative and not lose my mind over a breakup.”  He convened an “amazing set of people” – including Noelle, James King (saxophone, flute), Jeremy Ruzumna (keyboards), Joseph Karnes (bass) and John Wicks (drums, percussion) – and quickly recorded the band’s debut EP, Songs From A Breakup, Vol. 1, in his Silverlake home studio. Fitz felt so strongly about the band that he put it all on the line, investing his life savings in the project.  Belt buckles were pulled as tight as the band itself, which spent the next year captivating audiences with their outrageously entertaining live set.  

“We busted our butts,” Fitz says.  “We just kept building a name for ourselves, getting our music out there in a really old school way – playing as many shows as we could, winning over five, ten, fifty people at a time.”  

Their second album, 'More Than Just A Dream' was written w/ their fans in mind and how they would react during a live show. “The only rule in making this record was that there were no rules,” says Fitz.  “Nobody was allowed to say, ‘We can’t do that.’  We didn’t limit ourselves.” They want fans to sing and dance along w/ them and have fun at their shows. Fitz & THE TANTRUMS are making a name for themselves w/ their HIGH ENERGYSHOWS. Fitz says 'It's gonna be a Dance Party through and through from start to finish! That's for Sure!' Get ready ATX!  Click here for more!

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