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Sara's Single Girl Diary: Online Dating Pictures
Sara's Single Girl Diary: Online Dating Pictures Full disclosure. I am an online dater. You can currently check me out on Tinder and Eharmony. #ShoutOut Guys. Picking the right pictures for online dating is hard. So let me give you some...
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Single Austinite Diary 13
Because I am single I have been sleeping on an air mattress for the past 3 weeks.   I am currently in the middle of a move and in the meantine…because I don’t have a boyfriend…I am sleeping on my friend's air mattress....
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Smart Girls at the Party
Did you know that Amy Poehler and her best friend Meredith Walker run a website/movement for young girls? Smart Girls says, "change the world by being yourself." And...it gets better, Smart Girls is based right here in Austin,...
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Moontower Comedy Festival
Moontower Comedy continues through the weekend!! We chatted with 3 of our favorite comics, Godfrey, Colin Quinn, and Michael Che.  If you love SNL like me then definitely listen to Colin and Michael. Good stuff there.  See them...
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Broadway in Austin
You know me...I love a good broadway show and the upcoming season for Broadway in Austin is so great. So many shows I have never seen including Once, Evita, Mama Mia, and Jersey Boys. The boys from Jersey Boys came in to chat about their popular...
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Dog Spooning!!????
Booker, Alex & Sara/ MIX Morning Show found out there are A LOT of MIX Friends who 'Spoon' w/ their dogs, just like Sara & Jet.  Booker didn't believed it until the photos came pouring in on the MIX Facebook...
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