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Where are our single girl gifts!!?!?!
I am so tired of buying baby and wedding gifts for people. I looked at my credit card statement last night and on average I am spending like $200 a month on presents for first babies…second babies…first marriage…first...
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Applegate - Natural & Organic Meats
My Fit Foods recap!
Fact: I have done the MFF 21 Day Challenge a total of 3 times over the last 4 years. Every time I lose an average of 5-7 pounds over the 21 days. This year I lost 5 pounds easy. (I don't believe in pills, or drops, or shots, or fad diets...I...
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Day 3: Learning new habits
Day 3 learning new habits. - Sara    One of the reasons I love the My Fit Foods 21 Day Program is helps me get rid of bad habits. For the most part I eat healthy, but if something bad happens then my mind IMMEDIATELY goes to…I need a...
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WILD is out in theaters today!!!  WILD A true story about a woman who overcame tragedy by putting on her hiking boots...and hiking alone for over 1,000 miles.  Expectations going in:  LOVED the book. LOVE Reese Witherspoon....
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Sara's Single Girl Diary: Online Dating Pictures
Sara's Single Girl Diary: Online Dating Pictures Full disclosure. I am an online dater. You can currently check me out on Tinder and Eharmony. #ShoutOut Guys. Picking the right pictures for online dating is hard. So let me give you some...
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