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Heather Rivera
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Single Girl Diary: The struggle is REAL
Can I openly talk about problem that I know ALL dating girls face out there?.   It is something that takes up SO much time, energy and preparation….and guys don’t EVEN have to deal with it like we do.   That...
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Single Girl Diary: Guys you will date in Austin
So Thrillist.com has a GREAT list of all the people you will inevitably date while in Austin. It includes the Crossfitter…the hippie…and my absolute favorite the Festival Fling. Click here to read it!    I would like to add 5...
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What's your Jam?
WHAT'S YOUR JAM: BOOKER - Making A Murderer tv show on Netflix - This is the show everyone is talking about. Binge watch it today! ALEX - Alex found the BEST customer service at Michael A Laundromat! We all go to this...
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Where are our single girl gifts!!?!?!
I am so tired of buying baby and wedding gifts for people. I looked at my credit card statement last night and on average I am spending like $200 a month on presents for first babies…second babies…first marriage…first...
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Applegate - Natural & Organic Meats
My Fit Foods recap!
Fact: I have done the MFF 21 Day Challenge a total of 3 times over the last 4 years. Every time I lose an average of 5-7 pounds over the 21 days. This year I lost 5 pounds easy. (I don't believe in pills, or drops, or shots, or fad diets...I...
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