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Will Ferrell Knocks a Cheerleader Off Her Feet

Not a headline you'd normally associate with Will Ferrell, right?

Not to worry, it was all for a movie.

Will was in New Orleans, taping a scene for his new movie, Daddy's Home, during half-time at a Pelicans/ Lakers game.

A couple of guys in the audience were able to catch the action.

The first is this great shot on Twitter of the second after the moment Will's basketball hit the cheerleader in the face... The second is this cell phone video of the whole scene, from the setup through Will's ejection from the building. It's a little shaky, but you get the idea...

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East Versus West in Commercials Too

Another Super Bowl ad "leaked" onto the internet yesterday, this one for Carl's Jr, a fast food chain located mostly in the western part of the United States.

So, the ad will be aired only in the western region of the US.

It's a bit racy, with a model walking through a farmer's market, talking about how she likes to go au naturel.

It's to promote Carl's new All-Natural Burger, and it's fairly clever in a photographic sense.

But according to an article in USA Today, one marketing expert doesn't think it will do its job - selling hamburgers - especiall to a Super Bowl audience.

"'It's like porn meets American Pastime,' says branding consultant Erika Napoletano. 'It makes NFL cheerleaders -- underpaid and underclothed -- look like nuns in comparison.'"

You decide. If you live in the West, you can wait til next Sunday. If you live in the East, take a look now.

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The Show Must Go On, Unless...

Idina Menzel - better known to John Travolta as Adele Dazeem - will be taking a week off from her Broadway play, "If/Then."

And the play will shut down while she's gone.


So she can prepare for her appearance at the Super Bowl to sing the National Anthem.

She's probably not taking any chances, especially after she caught all sorts of flack for not being able to hit a high note during a live performance on New Year's Eve while singing her hit song from Frozen, "Let It Go."

So rest, relax, warm up, and practice those high notes, Adele!
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"Do What We Need to Do, and Then, We Get to Live"

There's another big Sunday looming in your future.

If you're a Walking Dead fan, that is.

On February 8, a week after the Big Game, the dead and the living and some in between return for Season 5.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the trailer...

If you're a Deadniac, you've probably got a viewing party planned that will rival any Super Bowl party, ever!

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Breaking Bad, Airborne

A six-propeller drone aircraft crashed into a supermarket parking lot right on the Mexico-California this week.

Okay, so accidents happen, right?

This was no ordinary drone.

It was a delivery drone.

Still no big deal, right? I mean, Amazon's been talking about these things for months, years.

This delivery drone was packed with six one-pound containers of methamphetamines.

It's sort of like Walter White taking over the reins at Fed Ex...

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Bad Lip Reading, NFL-Style

Here's a little bit of NFL coverage that has nothing to do with deflated balls.

And isn't that refreshing?

The folks at Bad Lip Reading have taken footage from the 2014/2015 season, and dubbed their own reads onto them.

Flat out hilarious.

Even more that WhereDidTheAirGoGate...

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Maybe the NFL Should Check Its Instagrams

This may be one of the most untimely yet timely Instagram posts ever.

On the day after the NFC and AFC Championships were decided, the National Football League posted a behind-the-scenes picture of some Super Bowl footballs in the process of assembly.

Every one completely deflated.

This as they investigated Deflategate - where it's now been determined that 11 of 12 balls used by the New England Patriots in their victory over the Indianapolis Colts were under-inflated.

So the natural tagline to this picture is #noballsforseahawks?.
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Oh Say Can You SNAP!

One of the funnier moments in Tuesday's State of the Union Address is when President Obama was talking about his agenda for the next two years.

"I have no more campaigns to run," he said as a prelude to the discussion.

That was greeted with some snickers and some laughter and some applause.

The president turned to those making the noise, smirked, and said, "I know, cuz I won both of them."

Okay, the State of the Union is meant to be a serious thing, but if a man's getting heckled, a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

And Barack Obama did it perfectly.

I can't wait to see him as one of the presenters at the Justin Bieber roast...

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Red Velvet Oreos Are On the Way!

The snack-eating world is going a little ga-ga over a new addition to Nabisco's line of Oreos.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Red Velvet Oreo will be available, on a limited basis, mind you, starting in February.

Nabisco says it took about 18 months to get it right, but now it's ready to roll out.

The folks at ABC News had some of their editors conduct a taste test, and the overwhelming opinion is that while the cookie is reminiscent of red velvet, it's still about as chocolatey as a regular Oreo. What's different is the cream cheese inspired filling - not exactly cream cheese, but creamier than the regular Oreo filling.

Not an overwhelming endorsement, but you can bet they'll sell out anyway.
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Chikungunya Gonna Get Ya

Lindsay Lohan's got it. The Chikungunya virus, that is.

It's carried by mosquitos, and apparently she picked it up on a recent trip to Bora Bora.

The New York Daily News reports that she's now in a London hospital, being treated for the disease, which generally causes joint aches and high fever for about a week before going away.

Sometimes, the aches can linger. Lindsay's been dealing with this for at least a few weeks now - she posted this picture and message to Instagram three weeks ago.

No word on whether the mosquito survived the encounter, by the way.

Still with chikungunya but feeling better on and off @patrickaufdenkamp @oprah thank you for your call #beherenow

A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

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