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Heather Rivera
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Booker, Alex and Sara

Weekdays 6am - 10am

Spend you mornings with Booker, Alex and Sara, weekdays 6am - 10am. Want to chime in? Call 390-5947 OR 800-578-9947 or email us by clicking here. Check out our show page here.



Middays with Heather Rivera

Weekdays 10am - 3pm

Heather Rivera was raised in Cornhusker territory, but that has never stopped her from ‘Hooking ‘em’.  Her love for Cinnamon Jolly Ranchers, Atomic Fireballs and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels gives her the energy to pursue her goal each weekday 10am-3pm: HAVE WORKDAY FUN! From cool MIX tunes to what’s up in ATX, ‘FUN’ can come in many ways. Her future goal is to get bosses across ATX and beyond on the ‘FACEBOOK POSTING/TWITTER TWEETING TRAIN’. This could take a while for some bosses, so if you have to sneak her a tweet or  FB post to say hey and what’s up in your world go for it! Be prepared for a ‘YOU ROCK!’ when she responds!

What else is going on in her brain? If you dare to take that adventure, click here! YOU ROCK!



Afternoons with Jay Styles

Weekdays 3pm - 7pm
New York born, southern adopted… I have lived all over from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands. I am tall, I love food, Bon Jovi, and all animals.


Hot Mix with Alex Franco

Weeknights 7pm - Midnight
Known as “The Pride of El Paso, Texas”, Alex has been on air in Austin for over 10 years!  The boss gave him the 7-12 midnight slot earlier this year virtually pulling a “two a day” but that doesn’t slow him down...he loves this!
Not only will you get to hear the hottest new music on “The Hot Mix” but you’ll always know everything you need to know about your town, AUSTIN TEXAS!
Friend Alex on facebook, search “Alexander D Franco” & follow him on twitter, search “@alexdfranco”


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